I knew a wise little boy who said that when he sat very still and the clouds moved, he could see angels.  Who knows if he really did, but the expression on his face made me think it was the truth.  And, I believe that sitting still brings about an ability to see other beautiful things… I don’t know what things you see when you sit still… But if you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest you do.

Everyone needs to walk away from the phone, the TV, the kitchen appliances, the computer (I’ll be doing that as soon as I post this) and simply allow ourselves to be in the beauty of creation.  And, when I say creation, I’m talking about everything Man did not make.  (God made something out of nothing…  We just use his creation to make something of our own.)

I love my back yard, which explodes into the desert.  In a minute I’ll be out there listening and looking, and hopefully seeing the beauty.

May your day take you to that quiet beauty as well.


Carolyn Thomas Temple