Yesterday was a very uncomfortable day for me. One of those days that one hates to answer the phone because things are already not good and yes, here’s another person just raining on the already horrible day. When the sun finally set and I sat watching the clouds change color in the sky, I thought back on just how many really bad days I’d ever had in my life.

Death always ruins the day. I recall when my brother died, then my grandmothers, my father and most recently my mother… All days that seem to last a year before the stars were visible. I’m sure you can relate. Then less dramatic, but painful, was the day a person I thought was my friend who lashed out at me, for reasons unknown to me (surely a misunderstanding) in a very public place. Another bad day was the one years ago on which I heard how ill I was, and that it would be a long journey back to good health… Then the long journey… Not much fun. All long dark days.

Why do we have to travel through these uncomfortable periods? Why can’t we just sail through life like the people who live down the block in their perfect house with their perfect children, car, and yard? Why are there these dark days in our lives?

The truth is that all of us have times we’d like to eliminate bad days from our port folio of life, instead of live them. Yet if we want to be happy and successful, we have to do the tough assignments as well as the easy ones. Every day (including the bad ones) is a lesson in life, which prepares us for the coming life in heaven. So will we learn the lesson, or will we live in self-pity and complaint? Will we say to Self, when these days of darkness arrive, “What do I need to learn from this?” That’s what we have to do… And then, learn that lesson so we don’t have to keep repeating the pain (for the pain is meant to get our attention; then in it, is this golden teaching to broaden our life experience and create strength, happiness, and success).

So back to the end of that bad day… sitting there with my ice water, I asked myself what my lesson was within all that jumble and disappointment? And yes, I figured it out. The pain was pretty much gone after that. Are you having a bad day? Are you perhaps experiencing several in a row? Consider that there is a lesson to be learned; start looking for answers.

May you find the answers in your journey and be well.
Best… Carolyn Thomas Temple