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Dry Land

I just recently turned a corner, recovering from a terrible bout with illness. Headache, throwing up, lots of coughing, aching all over, no sleep… Pretty much everything I didn’t want or need. The worst thing, though, was that I knew I had so much I wanted to give, and I couldn’t do a thing but lie there and be sick as a dog.

Giving has always been a forte in my family… Give to the neighbors, give to family, give to strangers, give to animals, give to plants. Give and give some more. My grandmothers both thought that giving was the healthiest thing humans could do. I always believed that. Yet, here I was unable to give a thing. It was then that something I’d told my husband (way back when we were just kids in college) occurred to me : If everyone gave, then who would receive? Someone has to be willing to receive… And then, you can give again… give thanks. The trouble is, some people don’t know how to receive, and many have forgotten how to say thank you.

There are two kinds of receivers… 1.) […]

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Excellent Moments

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln said that. And, nothing will test a person’s character more than the face of poverty during the holidays. Odd that I should say that, but making a decision about poverty has in itself a kind of power.

So here you are toddling down the road in your nice new car and you come upon a man huddled on the street with nothing, absolutely nothing but a sign that says, “Need food. Please give,” and he’s asking for anything… money, clothes, food… Whatever you can give him. You may even be hoping you’ll be able to just look straight ahead and not get caught by a red light next to his begging spot, but low and behold you do get caught! He’s right there and you’re right there! And, the following banter blows through your head in a matter of seconds… “What to do! Ignore? Roll down the window and give him food? No! Give him a ten spot or twenty? Yeah that… And a bottle of water!” […]

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Christmas Is…

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale
I wonder if he’d still think that if Peale could see us today with our Black Fridays and Christmas specials at spas, all demanding we spend more, have more, be more. Hmmm… I have an advantage in that I remember when he was right.

Thanksgiving, which comes just before the Christmas Season, once was celebrated with no Christmas decor up and no raving sales to buy buy buy before it’s all gone. (And really, how is it possible for “stuff” to be all gone when manufacturers are simply going to make more of it? My father-in-law use to say there was always going to be a good buy. He’s right!) And, Children may have already been dreaming about what Santa Claus would bring them as they ate their turkey and stuffing; but they did not dream about a high priced techie item… It was a Red Rider BB Gun or a doll. If they dared to dream bigger, it was for maybe a musical instrument or a microscope… Something that actually meant […]

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