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My study of gluttony through this Lenten Season seems to have several paths all of which ultimately lead to the issue of vanity. How disturbing. (As Solomon said when he considered his incredible wealth and existence on earth, “All is vanity!” No one wants to be thought of as vain. Who chooses that? Vain is wrong, evil. Correct? And according to one of the wisest men who ever lived, it’s just everywhere and it’s the worst.) So for the past few days… no actually weeks… I’ve been considering what vanity is and how it impacts our lives as human beings.

Sunday night I watched the Academy Awards. It started with the Red Carpet… all these men and women dressed to the nines with tremendous jewelry and expensive hair. Even the men were in suits that cost thousands of dollars. I thought to myself, “Does this feel natural to them?” In a few months Hubby and I will embark on a cruise and the one thing I don’t want to do is dress to the nines, feel compelled to have my hair done and… well, you […]

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In the Quiet of the Night

In the early morning, very early, I am often awake. I can hear Hubby in deep sleep next to me. I lie there trying to find my own rest as I listen to his even breathing; but most often, when I awaken like this, sleep does not come to me. So I get up.

I don’t know if one would call this insomnia or just a restless person. I wander through the house in the dark of the early morning. I sit in the living room across from the library and I listen to the grandfather clock tick away. I look out the window and watch the night pass. Then when nothing inside me changes I get up, and I wander into the kitchen and get a glass of water to drink. As I drink that water I again pursue a path through my home… down the long hallway to what was once my mother’s room. I walk passed my great-grandfather’s mantel clock which traveled with my mother into our lives in Arizona. It was the heirloom that my mother was so pleased to have become hers. The clock […]

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