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Sudden Death

Most American men are glued to their television sets and car radios listening to a football game on Sunday afternoon. We experience two teams in more gear than a marine in combat as they knock each other’s brains out, but by the rules. (Yes, there are rules, ladies. Doesn’t look like it at first, but close observation will reveal order.) Yesterday, both teams were supposedly excellent teams. They both had fought their way to this moment in time over a season of one game after another. And now the culmination of the season… to decide which team will play another in the greatest football game of all time (ask any man).

January 24th, 2010: The game was between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. The game was back and forth… first one team winning and then the other. A key player was injured and took the bench. And then this key player came back into the game, wounded but ready to fight with teammates for the right to be in the Super Bowl.

The game between the Vikings and the Saints came down to what is called “sudden death,” meaning that […]

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Nineteen-fifty-something. I was very young and sitting in the back seat of the car. The family was taking a trip up into the mountains for a picnic. No music. Radio turned off. Dad was driving and I think he wanted to visit with my mother. My sister was in the front seat because she was just a baby… she needed our mother’s care. My brother was seated by one window, and I was seated by the other window, in the back seat of our family car. We were all happy and excited to be going to the mountains. We had fried chicken and potato salad… my brother was really looking forward to the food. He kept talking about the chicken and looking out the window. I was too short to see out the window and there was no music. I really would have loved to have had the car radio on. Nothing was distracting me. I had nothing to make the ride interesting. Even the car windows were closed. There was no breeze. No fresh air.

We traveled away from the plains of South East […]

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I recall the anticipation of going to my classes as a freshman in high school. Many of my friends were concerned with the fear of the upper class student, the inability to find their way to class in a new school. I had discussed much of this with my older brother, the light of my life, then. Tommy had this to say, and I believed him.

“Sis, when you get there… sure it will be different. But that’s a good thing! Change is a good thing. It’s an adventure. So go with the plan to love it, and even if you get lost and wind up in the wrong place… smile and love it. Believe that it’s all good. As for upper classmen harassing you, none of them are going to harass you because I’m an upper classman; and everybody knows that you’re off limits. If anyone bothers you, I’m around and not that tough to find. I have your back.” (He had the most infectious grin, and I always believed EVERYthing he said to me. Because at that time in my life, he WAS everything to me.)

So […]

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